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Tips to Fix the 7 Interior Design Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Cheap

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Interior Design Mistakes

Furnished living room with throw pillows on couch in Gilbert AZAccording to Zillow at least, the median value of a home in Gilbert, Arizona is $309,400. However, the difference between premium quality interior design and that of a lower standard can be tens of thousands of dollars.  There are many reasons why custom-made properties are more expensive than mass-produced homes, and quality interior design is certainly one of them.

In the process of mass production, builders occasionally cut corners during the construction process to enhance their profit. The result is a ‘one size fits all’ offering that lacks the nuances of world-class interior design. The good news is, even if you don’t live in a custom-made property, there are ways to eliminate the design mistakes that could shave thousands of dollars off the value of your home.

Fix Your Flooring

If your home is decorated with cheap wall-to-wall carpeting, it’s time to make a change. You can give your home a touch of class by replacing the carpet with natural stone or hardwood floors.

In the event that you enjoy the ‘feel’ of carpet, purchase some handwoven area rugs; they look a lot classier than their machine-made counterpart. Make sure the rugs you choose aren’t too small. We’ve often come across homes with rugs that look as if they belong in a doll’s house! Excessively tiny rugs ruin a space’s balance.

If you already have a small rug, you can keep it; just make sure it is placed on a much larger neutral rug. Otherwise, consider layering a small kilim or hide rug over a sisal or jute one.

Throw Some Light on the Subject

If your home features cheap lighting fixtures, you’re missing a trick and almost certainly have the wrong shade in every room in the home. If you need sunglasses when the light is on or are forced to squint to read, there is a problem! Unless you choose your own lighting fixtures, they are probably boring, generic, and small.

Lighting is one area where it pays to shop online. Even though you feel a sense of loyalty to your local home improvements store, it almost certainly lacks the kind of variety you need. To be clear, even interior design experts realize how tricky lighting is! Items such as floor lamps, matching table lamps, chandeliers, and pendants are essential in a well-designed home. Each fixture serves a unique purpose.

Bringing Style Out of the Woodwork

If your home only has simple baseboards and door trim, an upgrade is required ASAP. Signs of excellent interior design include crown molding, tall baseboards, trim around all of the windows, doors, and cased openings, and woodwork beneath the chair rail in the dining room instead of drywall.

Quick and easy ways to add value to your property include adding extra molding or adding additional pieces to your existing molding to make it larger and more grandiose. You should also consider custom kitchen cabinets (if within your budget) with features such as pull-out drawers in the lower parts of the cabinets.

Give Your Bathroom a Makeover

If your bathroom looks as if it belongs in the 1970s, it is past time to give it some TLC. Features of low-cost bathrooms include plain white bathroom cabinets made from a low-grade material, a frameless mirror embedded in the wall, and a Hollywood style light bar complete with tacky exposed bulbs.

If you want your bathroom to look classier, give your cabinets a coat of paint, replace your light fixtures, faucets, and mirrors, and consider investing in marble countertops. If you’re on a tight budget, purchase new towels, a toilet seat, and shower curtains. Above all, purchase easy-to-clean accessories capable of withstanding heat and humidity.

Replace Interior Doors

This is one of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to give your entire home a boost. Your best bet is to keep things straightforward by purchasing white interior doors with a snazzy handle. You should also consider pocket doors. While they may cost a little more, they significantly improve a home’s style and are perfect for creating separation within an open floor plan.

Improve Home Storage

Everyone has personal items they simply can’t throw away, and that’s absolutely fine. However, too many American homes feature a ridiculous amount of ‘stuff’ thrown in almost every nook and cranny! By all means, display the possessions you love the most, but there is such a thing as showing too much. If you’re struggling to walk around your home without tripping over something, it is a sign that you need a better storage method!

Invest in a storage unit and pack away the majority of your possessions. One clever trick is to display your items according to season; go to your storage spot every couple of months and replace existing display items with things that go better with the season. You should also purchase a chic bookshelf or storage boxes that fall in line with the overall style of your home.

Don’t Leave Your Walls Bare

The walls of your home are the perfect canvas for your version of art! If you own your home, get out the hammer and start adding art, wall décor, and mirrors to the walls. Find the barest wall and add a stylish, yet inexpensive piece of art or two and hang them up! For the record, the spot above the sofa is usually the emptiest wall in any home.

Final Thoughts on Interior Design Mistakes

If you’re ever in any doubt, always opt for a ‘fewer but high quality’ mindset. Too many items will clutter up any home and décor that is out of place only reduces the impact of everything else. Your house is supposed to be your refuge, so make sure it represents your tastes and style. It doesn’t take a great deal of investment to transform your home from cheap to chic.

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