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Luxury Living Room Design Services by Professionals Interior design of a luxury living room

How interior design adds value to home furnishing

There is a definite magic to great interior design services, because when it has been executed to perfection, it makes the very best functional use of available space, offers profound visual appeal, and establishes harmony within the whole living environment. The ‘magic’ part is that all of this seems so natural and organic that it’s almost indiscernible to the casual observer – only after really looking and sensing for a while does it become apparent that something special has been created in the living space.

The added value that great interior design brings to your home is far more than just a clever arrangement of furnishings to enhance the livability of a specific room or rooms. It seeks to optimize and harmonize all the elements of living space to ultimately make it practical, accessible, aesthetically satisfying, and ideally suited to its intended purpose.

When interior designers provide the right services, it appeals to all the senses: form, lighting, and color catch the eye; shape, surface, and texture invite touch; and subtle echoes reverberate into the ear. Yet, interior design is still more. An individual or a company adept at home design services realizes that they must incorporate the practical, the technical, and the aesthetic to literally bring your space to life, so it resonates within you as something extraordinary.

The components of interior design

Design to Reflect is home to a team of master interior designers with years of experience at collaborating closely with both commercial and residential clients to transform characterless living or working areas into dream spaces that are fully functional, and yet aesthetically appealing as well.

While all the principles of great interior design are utilized to the fullest, an equally important aspect of the process includes Listening – listening to what you, our customer, want and need for your home or business area. Through each of the services and phases of design discussed below, our Design to Reflect expert will act as both guide and partner to create a living area you can be proud of, and which completely serves the functions for which it is intended.

Conceptual Planning

This can be a very exciting phase of the interior design process, because a great many wonderful ideas are brought to light during the process of understanding what a client wants and needs for a living space. At this time, the intended use of the area is considered, along with ideas for decorating style, and techniques for maximizing functionality and visual appeal of the area. Our Design to Reflect specialist will be able to create a visual representation for you of what the living space might look like after incorporating all the ideas brought forth in conceptual planning.

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Space Planning

Living space which is visually stunning won’t be very useful to a homeowner or an office manager if it doesn’t also serve the purpose for which it’s intended. This is just as true for a small studio apartment or a cozy loft as it is for an entire floor of an office building. The objective of space planning is to create a design which optimizes the usage of whatever space is available, while also keeping in mind aesthetic considerations.

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Design Updates & Redesigns

As opposed to working with an entirely new home or office area, sometimes you as a homeowner or office manager simply feel the need to renovate or redesign your working or living space. This could be because furnishings are outdated, the space no longer provides needed functionality, or you’re just plain tired of the old design and want to give it a fresh look.

Our Design to Reflect specialists can work with you to enhance color schemes, improve lighting, change out the flooring, or even completely re-furnish the area to achieve a new look that will totally excite you. If the living space in question was not originally arranged with good interior design, you’ll be amazed at what is achievable through home design services from Design to Reflect.

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Turn-Key Home Designs

If you’re at the point in your life where you’re ready to build a brand-new home or purchase your own dream vacation home, this is a situation which provides the ideal opportunity for you to have your new home completely designed for you, so that it’s move-in ready.

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious lifestyle to be reflected in the interior design, or you prefer simple functionality, all your wishes can be incorporated into an overall design that’s an accurate reflection of your personality and your intended lifestyle. Everything in your new home, including furnishings, cabinets, decor, artwork, lighting, color schemes, and flooring, will become part of the lifestyle that you always envisioned for yourself.

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Home Staging

Home staging is a service provided by Design to Reflect to assist homeowners with the preparation or staging of a home before offering it for sale. The objective with home staging is to make whatever modifications are necessary to get the most value from your home when you put it on the market. Often, this means updating or renovating kitchens and bathrooms, since they are a keen point of interest to most home buyers, but it can actually incorporate any living space within the home which needs to be redesigned for maximum appeal.

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Seasonal & Holiday Design Consulting & Services

Many homeowners love the idea of decorating their homes for the season to imbue it with the spirit of the holiday, and to extend good cheer to visitors, but don’t really want to go through the hassle of finding the right decorations and doing the redesign themselves.

This is a particular area of expertise for Design to Reflect specialists, who are familiar with all the elements which can achieve the kind of seasonal cheer you’re looking for, and can blend them expertly with whatever ideas you have in mind. When you don’t have the time or the inclination to do it yourself, have one of our interior design experts make your home sparkle for the holidays.

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