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Whether you’re building a new home, renovating your existing home, purchasing a second residence, or creating the ideal office space, turnkey service is an ideal choice for clients with a busy lifestyle.

A turnkey home considers every design aspect of your home, from furnishings to window treatments to décor and accessories. We work with you to realize your ideal design, and then manage every step of the process, filling your new home or office with everything you need to walk through the door and take possession of a fully realized, beautiful, luxurious space.

How Does It Work?

You schedule an initial consultation with our design team. During this meeting, we define your personal style and discuss your individual needs. We look at color schemes, flooring options, window treatments, and more.

We finalize design details and provide detailed estimates of each phase before getting to work. Of course, the client is always free to request changes and suggestions during execution.

Once the project begins, we manage every aspect of it. This starts with hiring and paying the subcontractors. You don’t deal with painters, flooring installers, or anyone but your master design team. We coordinate delivery and arrangement of furniture, make the beds, and even stock the pantry in your new kitchen.

This single point of contact system keeps communication clear and simple. You’re not trying to get your message across to six different contractors, plus vendors and delivery companies. You only need to deal with us. Once we understand your design desires, we take on the job of communicating your wishes clearly and succinctly.

We know that your residential space should be comfortable, functional, and visually pleasing, while also expressing your personality.

The Advantages of Turnkey Service

Our clients have impeccable taste and can envision what they want, but rarely have the time to oversee an extensive design project. They appreciate the value of hiring the perfect team to help them realize their dream space and manage the entire design project.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing turnkey service is that you work with a single contractor, your design team. After that initial consultation, you hand over the reins to us. With our team coordinating each stage of the design process, you get to enjoy the fun part, choosing your perfect design components, while letting someone else handle the hassles of making sure contractors stay on budget and deliver on time.

Another advantage of letting your design team manage the project is the improved flow of the entire process. Since you approve every detail in the beginning, there is no need to pause throughout the project for meetings with every contractor so you can approve each phase of the process. This makes for a smoother project that meets every deadline.

The Turnkey Home

As the name turnkey suggests, you enter a fully realized home, where each room is ready for occupancy and use, beautifully furnished to your taste and specifications. You walk on stunning floors and plush rugs, and sit on stylish yet comfortable furniture. You gaze on beautiful artwork, or through perfectly appointed windows.

The kitchen contains everything you need to enjoy your first meal in your new home, and each mattress rests under luxurious bedding. We take care of lighting, accessories, and every decorative touch. No detail is overlooked. From floor to ceiling, each design aspect in your new home meets your exact standards and expectations.

The Turnkey Office

What our design team accomplishes in a home, we also provide for your professional space. During our consultation, you offer guidance on the style and image you want to project to clients and staff. Do you prefer an ultramodern look, or is the classic appearance of supple leather and dark wood more in line with your professional image?

Commercial spaces should be ergonomic, functional, and promote worker productivity, while at the same time being aesthetically pleasing. Our team understands the psychological impact color has on your staff. If you’re looking to inspire creativity, a calm atmosphere, or energize your team, we know the exact palette that fulfills your needs.

From the lobby to the break room, and all points in between, we create your ideal workspace.

The Turnkey Lifestyle

The turnkey lifestyle creates the ideal home or office space, one in which you tell us what you want and then we create it for you.

We provide fully decorated homes and offices for individuals, real estate developers, and agents. Our initial consultation helps you communicate your wishes. We understand and appreciate the value of your time, and happily manage the entire process.

Our team can even provide this full service package in only a few days. We design every customer’s home or office with careful attention to every detail.

At Design to Reflect, we believe you should expect nothing less than extraordinary quality and convenience from your design team.

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