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Home staging is a presentation method designed to help prospective homebuyers envision themselves living in your home. Why should you bother? Realtors and other home-selling experts agree that staging helps homes sell faster, and often for more money.

The Basics of Home Staging

At minimum, your home must be clean and well maintained to make sure it makes the best impression on anyone looking to purchase a home. To make a great impression, though, your home must look inviting and comfortable, without looking too personal. This can be a delicate balancing act, but the team at Design to Reflect excels at this.

We start with space planning to create the perfect design that makes the best use of your space in an attractive way.

From there, we move to arranging furniture and accessories so that the home looks and feels lived in, but remove personal items, such as photographs, so the new buyers picture their family living there instead of yours. Furnishings and accessories may be your own items, or our design team may provide them; the choice is yours.

Benefits of Home Staging

The benefits are numerous and enjoyed by landlords looking to lease properties, as well as homeowners looking to sell quickly and at top dollar.

If you’re ready to see how home staging benefits you, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Home Staging Can Have a Dramatic Effect

Amazing Statistics on the Benefits of Home Staging or Staging a Home for Selling to Buyers and Investors & Tips & Advice to Get it Done Right the First Time

  • In most cases, staging a house helps it sell for more
  • In most cases, staged houses sell quicker
  • Your online photos will stand out and make a great first impression
  • More often than not, you will make your money back and then some
  • Depersonalize Your Home
  • Remove Clutter
  • Intentionally Design Your Spaces to Help Buyers Visualize Them Living in the Home
  • Location, Location, Location: Use Furniture to Make Architectural Aspects of Your Home Standout
  • Repaint Your Home if Needed to Use Warm, Inviting and Neutral Colors
  • Quickly Selling Your Home Means that You Can Get Rid of The Mortgage Quicker, Saving Additional Money
  • Once Staged, Homes Sold 73 Percent Faster
  • Once a Home Was Professionally Staged by an Interior Deecorator, They Sold 79% Faster

There truly are many more benefits to staging your home and getting it truly ready to be sold at top price.

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