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Welcome to Design to Reflect, a Metro Phoenix interior design firm with years of experience in transforming client’s homes into their dream living spaces. To learn more, please click here to contact a member of our team about your project!

Our Mission Statement

Design to Reflect strives on executing spaces that “Reflect” the client. We truly believe that the ability to create a unique space for each client is like telling a story of the client’s likes, tastes, and wants. We want the space to truly be individual and one of a kind. Design to Reflect and the team come together to formulate a design in a way that when it is done, the client will feel as if they have been heard and their dreams and pictures in their mind have been executed through great design. We want the space to be able to tell a story of the client and have the space truly reflect them.

Meet Our Lead Designers

The duo of Niki Gibson and Kailie McNabb is the strongest in their field. They work very close to maintain a fun, dynamic camaraderie that exemplifies each of their strengths. They are co-owners of this firm and have built it from scratch out of their homes. Now having an office and name for themselves, they are sure to be set a part and give their clients a one-of-a-kind experience, leaving clients feeling like they have created the design, and also, like Design to Reflect has truly listened to the clients visions and desires. The motto of this firm is “your vision our design” that is what Design to Reflect is all about!

Kailie McNabb

Kailie McNabb

Interior Designer

About Kailie – Kailie is originally from beautiful Northern California. With family in the industry for 25 years, the field of design was in her nature from a very early age. From rearranging her bedroom, from the time she was seven, to redesigning and creating huge masterpieces in the desert – interior design is her calling. Interior creativity and the desire to “be different” is the key element when designing with her. It is in her blood to create the best possible visual interior space. Clients regularly refer to Kailie’s work as innovative and when the job is done, they aren’t just satisfied – they are amazed at how well her concept works in their homes. Her strong point is matching unique spaces with specific looks.

Niki Gibson

Niki Gibson

Interior Designer

About Niki – Niki grew up in the Midwest with a huge family. She moved to Phoenix in 2001 and started her journey into interior design. With a knowledgeable background in the design field and having a bachelor’s in design, she also has an incredible eye for using her creativity with textures and color. Growing up with a big family and now having a big family of her own, incorporating functionality while maintaining a visual interest is her strongest point. Niki is that girl from the Midwest that everyone loves and is approachable from all aspects. Her love for the “out of the box” concept is what sets her apart from other top designers. She uses new designs and concepts for every project.

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