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9 Sound Reasons to Hire a Professional Interior Designer

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Professional Interior Designer

Whether you recently bought your home or you are simply ready for a change, a professional interior designer helps create your perfect space.

An experienced designer covers every detail, from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall, in a single room or throughout the home. The result is a beautifully cohesive look that you’re proud to display.

The big question for many people, though, is, Is it worth it? Our answer is Yes! What’s more, we have 10 great reasons why.

1. The Power of Knowledge

No matter whom you hire to perform a job, the main thing you’re paying for is that person’s knowledge. Sure, you could probably learn how to trim a tree, fix a car, install a new A/C system, or any of the other things you pay other people to do. However, why would you? The time and effort it would take to learn and then implement that knowledge is enormous.

Professional designers have the training and expertise to understand the full scope of a project, from the structural impact of certain choices to a well-developed ability to see the possibilities of a space. They’re up-to-date on new technologies, regulatory requirements, and more, which saves time and money if you’re looking to make significant changes to a space.

2. Save Money with a Professional Interior Designer

If you’ve only considered the fees charged by a professional interior designer, the financial benefits may surprise you. The pros know where to go for the best quality, the best selection, and the best prices. They have access to deals and artists you likely never heard of, and they have incredible contact lists and relationships with a wide variety of vendors and subcontractors.

If time truly is money, you save loads of both when you hire a professional to manage the job. In addition, hiring a pro saves you from making, and then repairing, costly mistakes.

Looking ahead, you also increase your home’s value when you hire an interior designer, both in resale value and in making your home more attractive to prospective buyers. The result? Your home spends less time on the market.

3. Style and Detail

Furnished bedroom by professional interior designer Gilbert AZA professional interior designer knows how to make the most out of any space, maximizing every feature in your home. You enjoy the full functionality of the space while appreciating the beautiful setting created by your designer.

Of course, your designer works with you to determine the look and feel you want in your home. After all, it is your home. Designers bring their expertise to work with your vision, focusing on every detail so that it all works together to create the Wow! the factor you want your home to have.

4. Your Advocate

Your professional interior designer works for you, and is often the liaison between your vision of the project and its ultimate delivery. The designer advocates on your behalf with other contractors and vendors, ensuring your project runs smoothly and finishes on time and on budget. He or she pays attention to every detail, and makes sure contractors do their jobs correctly. In return, your designer only asks you to let your contractors know that he or she has this authority.

5. Planning and Sticking to a Budget

When you have your consultation with your designer, you discuss numerous details, from the style you have in mind to the amount of money you want to spend. From there, your designer helps develop your budget, determining how best to use the available funds to create the greatest impact on your home and achieve your vision.

With the designer’s access to prices and products unavailable to DIY decorators, you not only find deals that you never considered, but you also save time and effort looking for those deals yourself.

6. Innovative Ideas

Designers view a space through their well-honed spatial perspective, their 3D view of the world. Specialists in out-of-the-box thinking, professional designers find unique, interesting ways to improve a space and work with its features, subtly incorporating the flow and detail of focal points or architectural features throughout the space. Your designer takes your vision and expands on it, showing you innovative ideas you likely never considered.

7. The Professional Process

Efficiency is crucial in any project, but it’s especially important when working within the confines of a budget. There is no room for errors and costly mistakes. Your designer’s experience and expertise help him or her see potential issues before they become actual problems in need of fixing. When you discuss your wants and needs during your consultation, your designer begins developing the process in his or her mind, an ability gained after years of experience. You won’t find hidden costs or delays due to poor communication, leading to greater efficiency in both time and money expenditures.

8. Your Project Interpreter

Most design and renovation projects utilize a variety of drawings and plans, which often look like another language to the untrained eye. When it comes to actually speaking to the contractors, many clients feel the same way. After all, students spend months learning how to read blueprints and architectural drawings.

Misinterpreting one of these drawings could lead to disaster. A trained professional saves you from making costly mistakes.

9. Detail-oriented

You can nearly always tell when a room underwent professional design. Every detail fits together. It goes beyond color schemes and lighting (although these are extremely important). The line of the furniture, the height of the coffee table, the layout of the artwork on the walls, window coverings, accent pieces, and more all work together to create a uniform, cohesive space that looks beautiful. At the same time, it feels natural, as though of course all of those pieces belong there. This is what you get with a professional interior designer.

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