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4 Design Resolutions for Your Home

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Design Resolutions for Your Home

January is already here and you may already be sticking with or quitting your New Year’s resolutions and, chances are, they are centered on health and fitness. But they don’t have to be. The new year is a time of renewal for everything. It’s the perfect time to make any changes that will help you step into the year on the right foot. So don’t limit your resolutions to health and fitness. Bring them into your home with these interior decorating resolutions that will help you start your year off right!


Start your new year by taking an inventory of your home. Get rid of things that you don’t use or don’t really care for anymore. You’ll be surprised about the feeling of renewal that you’ll get by ridding your home of things that have been collecting dust and taking up space. If you have things that you don’t want to get rid of, but don’t really like anymore, think of a way to repurpose them. It’ll be like getting something new, only way less expensive. Maybe you have a couch or a chair that needs refreshing, or a side table that has seen better days. If so, think about adding a slipcover or a new coat of paint and, voila! By clearing out and repurposing items, including furniture, you’ll not only get a feeling of renewal, but it will also help to de-clutter your mind so you can step into the new year with a fresh start.

Change It Up

If you’ve been living in the same place for a while, things can sometimes start to feel a little stale. If you’re not looking to move anytime soon, but could still use a little change, simply change your current aesthetic. Just moving the furniture around in your home can give you the feeling of newness and renewal that you get from moving or starting something new. Look around your home and see how things could be set up differently. It may take a few tries, but rearranging the furniture in your home is a great way to freshen things up as you start a new chapter in life this January.

A Little Color

Adding little splashes of color to your home is a game changer. Even if you’re someone who prefers a more natural color scheme, introducing small bursts of color can give your home a whole new feel. Throw pillows, candles, frames and other small decorative items in bright, bold colors can be a wonderful way to bring in a little energy to your home. You could even think about adding an accent wall or new trim in a bright color that compliments the current feel of your decor. You’ll be surprised at what a little splash of color can do!

That Extra Touch

As we’ve mentioned before, a simple vase of fresh flowers is that little extra touch that can completely change the feel of your home. Not only do flowers add color, they also make a statement. Having fresh flowers in your home boosts your mood, inspires creativity and creates a sense of welcoming in your home. It’s a simple decorating tactic that goes a long way. So, why not start your year with a gorgeous vase of freshly cut flowers to inspire and welcome both you and your guests?

The new year is the perfect time to think about improvements. That goes for improving your living space as well. So use the interior decorating resolutions above to foster the inspiration and motivation that you need to refresh your home in the new year!

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